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Pirates of the Caribbean: Port Royal

Note: My Jack Sparrow Is not great. The program I was using did not have any Jack Sparrow Pieces.

In my newest Lego Ideas Submission, I built the famous Pirates Of The Caribbean location Port Royal. This set includes 3000 pieces and 9 minifigures. The character roster consists of Jack Sparrow, William Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Governor Swann, Commodore Norrington, Murtogg, Mullroy, John Brown, and a Prisoner. The buildings in this set include Port Royal Jail, Cutler Beckets Office, and Will Turner's and John Brown's Blacksmith. There are various iconic scenes hidden throughout.

I built this set because I've always loved the movie series, and loved the characters and events that went along with this location. I think this would make a great set because Lego has never made a Lego Port Royal before, and I think a lot of people who buy Lego would want to buy this set.

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