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Winter Chalet


Assembly of Winter Chalet (part two)

The second part of the Winter Chalet assembly! Have fun :-)


Assembly of Winter Chalet (part one)

Only 60 days are left to the end of the voting period. Help my Winter Chalet reach 10,000 votes!
Here is the first video showing the assembly of the ground floor (the restaurant). Good vision.



7500 votes!

The chalet has reached 7500 votes, thanks to your contribution!
Now, however, only four months are left for the end of the voting period. Help me support the Chalet!
Thank you all


Promotional video

I have included a promotional video to show some special features of my Winter Chalet. Less than 200 days left now ... help me get to 10000 votes! Thanks to all and good vision.


Winter Chalet reaches 5000 votes!

I want to sincerely thank all the friends and supporters of this moc. I am very fond of this work and I hope that it will continue to collect new votes because I would like so much to realize the dream of getting to the end of the voting reaching 10,000!
If you really like it and want to continue supporting this project, spread the word among the people you know. Thank you all!


1000 Supporter + Image HD

My project has reached the 1000 supporters in a week! I am very happy that this moc liked so much and I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments you have left me. Thank you so much!

As a first update I wanted to let me know this link in my Flickr Gallery where there are other HD images of the Winter Chalet:

Good vision!

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