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Rack Railway

The Idea

We all love trains, right? Just take a look at all those amazing sets and creations here, there is basically everything: steam, diesel and electrical engines of any kind and various special vehicles like tramways or even space trains. However, what I've never seen, you may prove me wrong, of course, neither as an official set, nor as an idea - a real rack railway!

So that's why I decided to build a complete rack railway concept myself, and I chose the steam engine powered drive option as it's both from the technical and the emotional point of view by far the most interesting variant to my mind.

The Build

The build consists of:

  • Rack railway on masonry with 31 degrees incline and river below
  • Rack steam engine with standing boiler and integrated tender
  • Passenger coach with four seats and conductor space
  • Platform with passenger boarding stairs and inbuilt coal cellar
  • Oil depot with water tower and cistern beneath
  • Engineer, conductor, collier and two passengers
  • Lastly, the fisherman with rod and chair

The Functionality

Since it's mostly a concept or display build, there are basically no real function, except of this crucial one: The rack steam engine has a simple mechanism to keep its current position on the track. It works basically like a ratchet, you can always move the vehicle forwards/upwards, but to move it backwards/downwards, you have to pull the trigger knob at its bottom back first, so that the reversing lock is released, then you can move it both directions.

Apart from that, you can open both the doors of the rack steam engine and the passenger coach and also pivot the outlet pipe of the water tower, but that I wouldn't call these real functions of course, just wanted to have it mentioned.

The Pitch

After all, it's pretty simple: If you like the build for itself or at least agree to the idea of finally having a rack railway system, I'd be very delighted to receive your support, and please don't hesitate to comment if you've got something on your mind about this build or the idea in general, any kind of feedback is very welcome!

Thank you very much for your attention, and enjoy the ride to the summit with the rack railway!
Baron von Barron

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