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LEGO Express Train Giruno of SBB (Stadler SMILE)

Role model:
The Giruno is a high-speed electric train under development by Stadler Rail of Switzerland for SBB.
Lego model: 
My self-made LEGO Giruno train consists of a power car (1st class) and a car of the 2nd class. In the power car there is the power function motor and the light. In the 2nd carriage there is space for passengers. All doors can be opened in the original manner using a simple technique.
The most difficult part was the faithful reproduction of the front. The SNOT technique helped me a lot. The model is built in 6-wide. 

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
Because it is the model of the new SBB high speed train. This train is used on north-south traffic and connects Basel with Milan. The Giruno is the most beautiful and modern train in the SBB fleet.

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