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FRIENDS Apartment Modular Building with Central Perk Cafe and Monica's Apartment


How you doin'?

Thanks for checking out this project! I have designed the apartment building from the TV show FRIENDS, featuring two floors with full interiors. The first floor features a complete recreation of Central Perk, the cafe from the show, in minifig scale. The couch, armchair, Joey's table and chairs, counter top and coffee bar, additional tables and stools, and stage for Phoebe to sing 'Smelly Cat' are all included and playable. On the top floor there is a full recreation of Monica's purple apartment, complete with kitchen, dining table, balcony, sofa, chair, desk, TV, coffee table, and the unforgetable front door with the yellow frame. The other floors are all hollow, but customers could fill them in with additional minifig apartments or scenes from the show with their own bricks and creativity. 

This building is located in Grenwich Village, New York City, and I was lucky enough to visit it with my girlfriend last year. The exterior of this modular building is designed to resemble the exterior of the real building, which was filmed seperately from the rest of the show on a soundstage in California. Other scenes in the show feature recreations of the building with varying details.For instance, the real building does have a cafe on the ground floor, but it has red trim instead of green. It does not actually have a giant window on one side of the top floor, but I did include that because it is a key feature of Monica's Apartment.  I chose this hybrid method of recreating the apartment building because it allowed me to build the exterior based off of my own photos and experience of visiting it in New York, creating a more realistic sense of architecture that fits with the other LEGO modular buildings. 

I think this set would appeal to both fans of the show and fans of LEGO city layouts and modular buildings. There has not been an official building of this height yet, and I know it is something many people who build LEGO city layouts desperatly want. This building is on a single 32x32 baseplate and has technic pins on two adjacent sides, making it a corner building. It uses about 2,991 pieces, and includes minifigures of all of the main characters, along with the chicken, the duck, and Ross's pet monkey. Some pieces like the Uni-Kitty tail would need to be molded in new colors for furniture arms etc. It would stand at roughly 20 inches tall. 

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PLEASE NOTE: After not being approved for submission, I have put significant effort into lowering the parts count without sacrificing detail or structure. It was >3200 pcs, and now stands at 2991, including figures.