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Viking Dragonship

I really like vikings, most of all their ships. Of all the longships I ever built this is my favorite and biggest.

I tried my best to show the clinker-built planks, for which the viking ships are famous. In this technique the planks aren't placed next to each other, rather they overlap, increasing the stability.

The focus in the design of this ship on the hull, which I think is better than in most other Lego viking ships I have seen.

The ship is 60 cm long, 11 cm wide and the mast is 30 cm high. There are 30 seats for rowers, room for 22 shields and up to 40 Lego minifigures fit in.
Currently there are 9 minifigures in the ship and 9 shields are hanging on one side.
There is a dragonhead in the front and a spiral at the back. The deck is mostly empty with a few chests, barrels and a fireplace. You can lower the boom, but I haven't made a complete sail yet.

The name Viking comes from the Nordic "viking" which means pirate voyage or going on a raid with a ship.

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