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Compact City Bus


New mirrors and small change to the headlights

Finally, I have already made the change I had in mind, with the help of one of the comments. With this change, I have slightly reduced the overall width, and have given the model a bit of realism worthy of its line. On this occasion, I have done it virtually from Studio 2.0 by Bricklink. I am currently designing a street bus stop in tune with the model, in order to further complete the whole set. But that will be revealed in the next update!
So the changes are: the right rear view mirror with an hinged "arm", and on the left side, a rear view mirror without the arm, settled alongside the frame, as the real buses are. And the last, as a little update, I have changed the disposal of the headlights, now is more accurated (the turn signals are in the edges now). Note that in the render, the turn signals seems to be red one! But It is really the clear orange ones in the model.

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