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Vintage TV


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This is a LEGO television designed and built in the style of a vintage CRT box television that can fit an iPod Touch 5/6/7 inside.

I had been on a quest to find a small and affordable CRT television to watch my LEGO stories on. After varying degrees of success bridging modern and vintage technology through a series of cables and adapters, I gave up and decided to build my own television with LEGO Bricks instead. I assembled a collection of bricks and plates roughly the size of an iPod Touch and then built the television around it. While this set was built with the iPod Touch 5/6/7 in mind, it can probably be modified to fit any similarly-sized device.
I feel this would look great in the home or on the desk of any lover or enthusiast of vintage or retro box televisions, or anyone looking for a new way to watch their content.

How to fit the device:

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