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Wind-up Robot


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(The black version from the video is not part of the proposed set)

The most important thing about my Robot is that it actually has a wind-up mechanism and it can really walk! The arms are adjustable and the hands are spring loaded, so they can grip onto things. The key is made to fit the hands and you can also build a gun or some cool gadget for the Robot to hold.

Since LEGO is basically pure creativity, I've designed the body to come off all in one piece, making it possible to decorate it or to build a whole new body while using the same mechanism to make it walk. I know how much everyone loves modularity in models and let me tell you: the body snaps on with a most satisfying *click*. The arms, legs and head can also be easily detached making the Robot fully customisable. (All this is demonstrated in the video above)

It is a respectable 28 cm (~ 11'') tall and 16 cm (~ 6'') wide. It consists of 462 elements, which should make the price a reasonable one. The wind-up mechanism uses two pull-back motors. I would like the key to be a metallic colour in the final version.

If you want to revive this classic tin toy in the form of a LEGO set, please, support and share with your friends.

Thank you, for your consideration.

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