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Lego Architecture Skyline - Nuuk, Greenland.


Welcome to Nuuk (Godthåb in Danish), the capital and largest city of Greenland.

Greenland was founded by the great Hans Egede, in the early 1700's, with the present city in 1728 by the Dano-Norwegian governor Claus Paarss. The present name for the city Nuuk (Greenlandic for "Cape") was officially adopted in 1979. Nuuk is a city rich in history, full of historical buildings and landmarks, as well as modern buildings to meet the ever growing demands of the 21st century.

From left to right we have the following:

  • The fishing trawlers and ships that meet at Nuuk Harbor.
  • Goddess of the sea "Arnakuagsak" sclupture, Nuuk's answer to Copenhagen's "The Little Mermaid".
  • Statue of Hans Egede, original Danish coloniser of Greenland.
  • The tradtional colorful houses which dot the Greenlanding coast.
  • Katuaq Cultural Center. It comprises of 2 auditoriums, meeting space, restaurants, galleries and a library.
  • Hans Egede 4 star hotel. One of the premier hotels in all of Greenland.
  • Teletarnet Building, which is the headquarters for Tele Greenland.
  • An Air Greenland Bombardier Dash 8 Q200 flies up towards the skies.
  • Nuuk Center and Office Building. Which houses a 2 storey shopping mall and 8 storey office tower, the tallest building in Nuuk and Greenland.

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