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Automated Garbage Truck



Your mission: vote for this project!

We've had quite a few people tell us they had trouble getting through the registration process to be able to vote, so my dad put together this video that walks through the process.  Please let us know if you have any issues supporting and hope you enjoy it!


Thanks to Autocar Trucks for supporting our project

We reached out to Autocar Trucks (, maker of fantastic garbage trucks, about our Automated Side Loading Garbage Truck project.  They loved the idea and are promoting our project!  To thank them we made a custom Autocar Truck tile for the truck!  Check it out in the video below.

They've also challenged Waste Management on Twitter to "make this happen"!

Thanks Autocar Trucks! 


Video from the Madison Children's Museum WisLUG event

We made a video showing some of the great interaction we had at the Madison Children's Museum.  It was great to see such young kids able to have great fun playing with the trucks, and to see the trucks stand up to some intense play testing!


Our LEGO Idea in the wild: Madison Children's Museum!

We recently had the opportunity to show off the truck at the Madison Children's Museum with a bunch of other great WisLUG displays.

We brought four trucks in three different colors and the trucks got a lot of intense hands-on play testing by kids of all ages. It was nice to see the truck holding up so well under hard play.

A few of the younger kids had to be carried away in tears because they wanted to keep playing. Unfortunately they weren't able to take a truck home with them. Vote for us on LEGO Ideas to help make that possible!



A big load of upvotes, and a chance to play with the truck!

Yesterday my dad posted about our project on Reddit (  The post got pretty popular (9.3k upvotes as of now), and we got over 1,000 supports on our project in a day!  Thanks to the Reddit r/lego community for all the support and thoughtful comments! We were really encouraged by your feedback!!

If you are near Madison, WI USA, join us at the Madison Children's Museum, on Saturday January 26th, to meet us in person, and check out and play with the truck.  The Wisconsin Lego Users Group ( has a display that day at the museum that we’ll be a part of from 10am-2pm (the display goes until 4pm).  Hopefully I can meet some of you in person!

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