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Piper J3 Cub Airplane

This minifigure size set is based on the legendary Piper Cub airplane. Included in the set is the airplane, refueling equipment, access ladder with tools, orange and white cones, and two minifigures. 

The airplane features an all yellow color scheme with black decals. Cockpit allows for one or two pilots. Other features include:
-Spinning two bladed proper
-4 cyclinder engine
-Cross braced landing gear
-Spinning bushwheel tires
-Wing struts

One of the largest annual airshows in the country is held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The airshow holds a STOL competition where pilots compete for the shortest combined takeoff and landing on a grass strip marked with cones. The STOL competition draws larger and larger crowds each year and is my favorite part of the airshow. This set captures the excitement of a STOL competition with the original short field airplane, the Piper Cub.

This set contains all the parts needed to enact a STOL competition. Mark off the runway with cones. Take off and land with the airplane. Fuel and maintain the plane to keep the fun going. The airplane also makes a great display piece.

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