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NASA: Skylab


Building the 'Payload' part 2


Building the 'Payload' part 1

The main build steps are on a white background, sub-assemblies on a cream background and sub-sub-assemblies on a grey.


The Parts List for the 'Payload'

A complete parts list for the 'Payload' version pictured in the last update


Test Build Complete

Before I can offer any build instructions I needed to know if there were any build issues and if possible fix them.  The parts arrived and the build went quite smoothly. The only parts I needed to 'borrow' from the Saturn V were the two white half cones for the shroud. These are new pieces in white and are not yet available separately.

The completed model connects to the top of the Saturn V in the same was as the third stage - no issues with the attachement.

I needed to add three pieces internally to strengthen the connection of the solar panel strips to stop being able to push them into the model and a small change to the lower docking port as it seperated too easily.

If you go ahead and build up the prototype there are two things you need to know about the finished build.

1. It will accept and hold a Command Service Module at the docking points but the clutch strength of the cross beam in the nose is so strong that the docking port sometimes stays attached to the CSM when you undock.

2. The shroud attaches to two 2x1 plates and these can stay attached to the shroud when it is taken off. I have found this is less likely to happen if the top of the shroud (4x4 cone) is removed and the two halves of the shroud separately removed.

Next task if to make up a set of build instructions...


What to do with the 'spare part'

If you make Skylab and add it to the top of a Saturn V you will find yourself with a left over third stage and a CSM. What better way of displaying it than as Apollo 7. I have designed the Saturn 1B in LDD, if the test build is successful I should be able to offer building instructions as a bonus build for the Skylab project later in the year.

Thanks to everyone supporting my projects


Bonus 1:110 scale build


I have posted build instructions for a 1:110 scale 'Little Joe II' Rocket - the smallest of the Apollo rockets as an update on my NASA Crawler-Tansporter project. Its a thank you for the support so far. I have noticed on the newsfeed that a lot of people are supporting my NASA projects so here is a link to the instructions.




Test build planning underway

I aim to build Skylab up to display with my Saturn V. I have checked the design against currently available parts/colours and made a few adjustments - it always surprises me that there are restrictions even when working in black, white and grey.

All parts needed are now on order and provided there are no build issues I will post a building blog, parts list and instructions in a couple weeks time.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my NASA projects




Skylab Deluxe Display Stand

The Skylab Set is compatible with the Saturn V set and could be given a very expensive display stand if you wished.

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