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Farm Life

Welcome to family life on Brick Farm.
Imagine the fun you could have living on a farm. Our farm has lots of fun and exciting features to explore:

  • The farm includes a Barn, Chicken Coop, Tractor with trailer, Truck, Silo, a cow, chickens, pigs, a bird and a family of minifigures. 
  • The Barn roof and side opens up to allow easy access.
  • You can fill the Silo with animal feed (LEGO pips) and then slide open the tile shutter to allow the “feed” to leave the Silo into an awaiting trailer.
  • The doors to the Barn open, enabling the tractor to be stored inside.
  • The rear of the Truck opens out to allow easy access and filling.
  • There is a rotating working winch in the Barn which can slide the full length of the Barn, allowing you to stock up much-needed supplies.
  • The Chicken Coop can be opened up so that you can collect any eggs.
I hope that like you like the farm and if you would like to see it being made into an official set, please kindly support it and consider sharing it with your friends and family.
Please also leave me a comment with what you think about it and any extras that you would like to see.
Happy Building, and Thank you for visiting the farm. 

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