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Search & Rescue Operation

The Story
Robin decided to go for a hike one day in one of her favorite areas of the great Oregon wilderness to take some scenic photos. She thought she knew the area well but pretty soon, she had no idea where she was at! She sat down under a tree and began to study her map. She was only supposed to be gone for 2 hours and when she did not return in that time, her family decided to call 911. Soon, the local Sheriff’s Office mobilizes the Search & Rescue (SAR) Team…

Tom is a civilian volunteer with SAR and responds to the call with his outfitted 4x4 truck. He is equipped with everything needed to conduct a successful operation including a backpack for longer treks into the wilderness, binoculars, a radio and an ax to help get through thick brush.

Robin hears the rumbling of a vehicle not too far away. She starts yelling and is elated when Tom shows up to rescue her!

Why I Built This
I was a former reserve deputy sheriff, which sparked my passion for building first responder vehicles. Along with regular law enforcement duties, I participated in SAR missions as well.

I have always wanted to submit an idea but have always thought big and complicated. I then changed my mindset to think smaller and simpler. Sometimes, I think those are the best types of sets.

I think this would make a great Lego set because there are many sets based on police, fire and ambulance services but I have not seen many (if at all) based on search and rescue operations. This could make a great starting set for a line of search and rescue vehicles.

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