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Seinfeld 30th Anniversary


The Finale

As we approach the finishing line I just wanted to thank everyone who has voted and supported the project and leave you with one final image...


1000 Votes remaining!

With less than 1000 votes remaining to reach 10k, I've made a brand new video to help get it over the line! featuring some brand new scenes from the show recreated in LEGO form!



Junior Mint?

Thanks again to everyone who has voted and shared this project! We're creeping towards halfway.

I've been exploring a few more possibilities for minifigs and scenes, again I think there is a limit to what LEGO can potentially include in set but it's a fun exercise and feel free to use them to help promote the project and encourage more people to vote!

Monk's Cafe

Junior Mint?

The Puffy Shirt

The whole gang, including Seinfeld Co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiam star Larry David



Thanks again to everyone who has voted and shared the link to this project so far, it has gained more votes in one week than my Bonsai and X-files projects recieved in one month! Amazing.

Although there may be a limit to how many minifigures LEGO may include in a potential Seinfeld set, I couldn't help but design a few more for fun. 

No Bricks For You!

I Got A Lotta Problems With You People! Now You're Gonna Hear About It!

All Signs Point To YES!


Yeah That's Right



Thanks to everyone has voted so far! Here's a little video to show off the project and help gain support, please help by sharing it to any Seinfeld and LEGO fans you know!

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