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Ancient Greek Temple

What is it?
This is a model of an ancient Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena who is the deity of wisdom, strategy and reason according to Greek mythology. It is surrounded by a number of trees and a forest floor. in the front outside the main chamber there are two large fire bowls used to send offerings up to the gods and to provide light and heat there are also two tiled doors leading into the main room.a Inside that chamber there is a sculpture of Athena, two flames, an artistically tiled floor and room for people to ask the goddess questions. On the top there are tiled roofs along with mosques at the front ends of the roof depicting olive branches, owls and Athena and some abstract patterns. 

Why did I build it?
I built this model because I love ancient Greece it is just so cool and I also love Lego but there are no current Lego models of ancient Greece so after designing some smaller things in studio I went to work designing this model the design is was built up from a model by a Bricklink used called Zoubir. This model also helped me test my studio skills and taught me lots of techniques and helped me grow in my building. 

Why would it make a good Lego set?
This would make a good set because I think Lego is lacking in Ancient Greek and Roman architecture and not just ruins, actual buildings. this model would also provide a way to get Spartans or other Greek soldiers which have gotten a bit expensive. I think this would be good not just because I made it but because if made it would fill a gap that needs to be filled and it also looks pretty cool. 

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