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Colony House


This is my idea for a Lego set based on the colonization of other planets. The model features a colony house with a communications array dome, airlock, and a micro terraforming device that processes the acidic green liquid to produce water and electricity. Between these futuristic technologies and the vibrant planet that the two astronaut minifigures are living on, this is certainly science fiction!

Apologies for reposting this-I had forgotten to specify that while this build may look like a playset, it functions more as a model for display, lacking an interior in favor of a more detailed exterior and unusual, compact shape. As this information is rather crucial it seemed inappropriate to put in an update where it might be missed.

Despite the lack of significant play features, I still believe that the whimsical, almost retro style of the astronauts' home and the colorful landscape it occupies would delight and captivate the imagination of older Lego fans and find a welcome place amidst their collections.

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