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Nintendo Switch


Introducing the Lego Nintendo Switch! This is a highly detailed model of the newest and most amazing Nintendo console yet. Now built with Legos! The many features of this model include: Sliding off the Joy-Con controllers from the Nintendo Switch then sliding them on the Joy-Con grip, removable game card, retractable kickstand for table-top mode, moving toggle controls, opening back panel on dock, and the size is the same as the real thing! 

I built this model because I am one of over 30 MILLION people who love the Nintendo Switch for its many amazing features and games. If we could just get 10 thousand of those people, and other Lego fans, to support this project we could make Nintendo's legacy grow even bigger. I spent many hours perfecting this model so I could share it with everyone!

Thank you for checking out my Lego Nintendo Switch and I hope you support it. Make sure to mention it to all your friends and family, and also share it on social media! I feel that if this becomes a real Lego set, it would really make an awesome addition to everyone's Lego collection.

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