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Open Cube

While cleaning up my office, I rediscovered my colorful open cube, 4cm long, wide and deep, that I made decades ago, when I was a kid, using only paper, glue and gouache. Upon looking at it, I wondered if I would be able to make a similar perfect open cube using Lego pieces.

This is the result. It uses 116 pieces.

There are countless possibilities of combinations of colors to use for the tiles but the one at the top main picture is the color scheme that I am proposing here, since it uses common red, green (lime) and blue (dark blue). Other ideas for color schemes could be the colors of your country, season colors, sports teams, etc.

You can choose where to connect the bigger tiles (1x6) to any of the edges of the outside surfaces of the cube; you can also connect the medium sized tiles (1x4) centered to any of the edges of the outside surfaces or to any of the inside surfaces. The smaller tiles (1x3) will then complete the finishing of the structure no matter how you arrange the other tiles.

Above you can see the original open cube that I made when I was a kid and that sparked in me the idea of creating something similar using Lego bricks.

And a themed colored open cube: greens, blues, oranges and browns, reds, yellows and purples. an extravaganza of colors, all in one small cube. This actually started as an attempt to copy the simple rainbow design of my original paper open cube but since some colors in some tile sizes are nonexistent, I needed to improvise.

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