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Micro Scale Amusement Park


Micro Scale Lego Amusement Park

In your mind, you're already there.  You can hear the boisterous music and see the juggling clowns. The kids are begging for popcorn and cotton candy.  Dad gets stuck buying the tickets and carrying the “IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE” stuffed animal. Mom’s running another kid to the bathroom on the other side of the park while everyone else waves from the top of the Ferris wheel. The water ride claims your cell phone and next to you a kid loses his lunch on the “Vortex of Terror.”  By the end of the day, everyone’s tired and sure your wallet is considerably lighter but overall, it was a good day.  When can we do this again!?

This model highlights the many joys of visiting an amusement park.  Enjoy micro scale rides, shops, and beautiful landscaping.   


  • Turning Carousel
  • Water ride
  • Classic Ferris wheel
  • The Vortex of Terror!
  • Games shops
  • First aid
  • Long, long, long lines to wait in.

Please check out my YouTube video for more details on techniques used in the build.

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