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Farm Tornado Kinetic Sculpture


This quaint and elegant build perfectly combines smooth movement with a polished look. Jenkin’s farm is a peaceful and neat place–until a tornado begins destroying the farm! It just snapped the silo in half already and now it’s heading towards the animals’ barn! Take nature’s course into your own hands and spin the crank on the side to turn the tornado. The tornado even has a pig and cow sucked into it! As the tornado is getting closer the barn roof is wobbling and it’s flying up and down off the barn.

     This build is relatively small, 16 studs wide x 9 studs deep, but it is jam-packed with subtle details and has a compact, hidden mechanism inside. It can make a great desk toy or a display piece on a shelf, and it is sure to impress anyone that you show it to.

     The set includes many miniature scale treasures, including a tiny cow, pig, horse, farmer, and a rolling tractor. It also boasts a customizable front mantle with crops like radishes, carrots, a yellow pepper, and an eggplant. Hay bales and corn decorate the build also. 

     I have not seen many official LEGO sets that combines such a polished appearance with a compact and obscured interior mechanism. I have such a passion for making LEGO kinetic sculptures, and I am inspired by builders like JK Brickworks and TonyFlow76. I make more Technic heavy sculptures normally, but this build is my most aesthetically appealing and LEGO-esque build.

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