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“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
 - Wayne Gretzsky
     - Michael Scott
        - Lego The Office

In 2020, it will be the 15th Anniversary of the hit TV show, “The Office”.  The US version of The Office aired on NBC from 2005 to 2013 starring Steve Carell.  It is also one of the most popular shows on Netflix, with countless new fans joining the Office fandom every year from all around the world!

The Office is my favorite TV show, it is the show I go to if I need a good laugh or a smile.  I've lost count of how many times I've rewatched it. I have all the bobbleheads, countless T-shirts, I'm obsessed with it.  I love it so much that four years ago, I created the very first Lego The Office set. I was lucky to have the support of several of the cast and crew with my first prototype, as well as the support of so many incredible fans!

My first Lego The Office proposal reached 10,000 supporters here on Lego Ideas and was reviewed by Lego about a year ago.  Sadly it was not approved, but I learned a lot from the experience that I used when redesigning this version over the last year. In honor of the 15th anniversary of The Office coming up next year, I created this new version that I feel would have a better chance of being approved by Lego for all Office fans!


  • All 17 primary characters featured on the show (for more than 1 season) have been included in this set.
  • Each character's mini figure has a list of potential accessories
    • Michael - World’s Best Boss Mug, Dundie, Santa Hat, Bandana
    • Jim - Jello Mold, Briefcase, Ring
    • Pam - Teapot, Painting Palette and Brush
    • Dwight - Beet, Bobblehead, Briefcase, Elf Hat, Pumpkin Hat
    • Angela - Cat (potential cat names include Bandit, Sprinkles, Garbage, etc)
    • Kevin - Candy Jar, Pizza, Taco, Chili Pot
    • Oscar - Money, Ice Skates, Calculator
    • Meredith - Slurpee Cup, Bottle of Dandelion Tea
    • Creed - Guitar
    • Andy - Guitar, Microphone
    • Phyllis - Knitting Needles, Knitting Basket, Teddy Bear from Bob Vance
    • Stanley - Pretzel, Crossword, Pie
    • Darryl - Hand Cart, Briefcase, Dunder Mifflin Paper Boxes
    • Toby - File boxes, Bow-tie, Book (Chad Flenderman novel?)
    • Kelly - Cellphone, Purse
    • Ryan - Cellphone
    • Erin - Camera, Phone


  • The overall set is made up of two sides, a left and right side.  This was done to make my Lego The Office easy to disassemble for display, play, ease of transport or taking pictures.  Both sides can reconnect via locking mechanisms hidden in the walls and desks which firmly hold both sides together. This also allowed me to build this set to support a 2-in-1 design (more on that below)!
    • Left Side - Includes Michael's Office, Conference Room, Jim & Pam’s desks
    • Right Side - Includes Sales, Accounting, Darryl's Office
  • All the rooms are larger than in my old design so there is more space in the layout for ease of play
  • The walls to Michael’s Office & the Conference room can removed to easily play in the room or take pictures with a camera or smartphone
  • Darryl’s Office can be added to reflect how this office space was added in Season 6 (starting with the episode "The Promotion").  It can also be removed to revert the look to how the layout existed before Season 6.

Supports a 2-in-1 Design

  • While this set can be produced by Lego in its entirety, I also designed it so it could be produced as a smaller set because it supports a 2-in-1 design.  Most of the parts that exist on the left side of the set also exist on the right side. I designed it this way to cater to different types of fans. Some fans may not want the entire set.  Some fans may just want to build the area where their favorite character sits on the left or right side of the office layout. A lot of fans will want the entire set. This design caters to as many fans as possible.
  • 2-in-1 design would reduce the cost to make it easier for Lego to produce and cheaper for fans to purchase
  • Super fans can still build the entire office set because both sides can be connected with a locking mechanism hidden in the walls and desks
  • Non-bulky design

Redesigned furniture

  • Furniture is more accurately to scale, especially the desks
  • The furniture in Michael’s office was completely redesigned!  His desk looks much more like his desk on the show, his cabinet can open/close (holding a sticker or tile), a new shelf with a spin-able globe & radio
  • Supply shelves on the back wall by Stanley was redesigned to accurately reflect the two shelves on the show!
  • The conference room table folds up like the table on the show!
  • The conference room TV can rotate and also mount tiles to display a show or a “moving” DVD icon!
  • The office chairs more resemble the actual office chairs from the show and can still rotate!
  • The desks have working drawers that can be used to personalize the desk (hold/mount items, have a sticker/printed tile to show inside each character’s desk drawer!)
  • The desks are larger to make it easier to personalize each desk for each character!
  • The desks are sturdier and harder to break apart when rearranging the layout, they can also hide additional locking mechanisms to connect the left and right side of the set
  • The cabinets behind Kevin & Angela can open/close and can also store some accessories!
  • The receptionist desk looks more accurate (wood paneling and color scheme)
  • The phones more accurately resemble the phones on the show!  The desk lamps look & move like the ones on the show!

If you would like to see a Lego set based on The Office, please click the “Support” button on this page to vote for this set and please spread the word on social media!  We need 10,000 supporters to vote for the set to get to the official review process with Lego.

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