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Gremlins 40th Anniversary - Gizmo


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Summer, 1984 saw the release of the movie Gremlins!! Let’s celebrate this cult classic’s 40th Anniversary with an awesome build of the Mogwai that started it all, Gizmo!!

This build features an articulated posable brick built Gizmo (320 Pieces), Mini Fig., Ancient Gift Box,
and Info Display.

When I first saw the Gremlins movie I wanted a Mogwai so badly. I tried to convince my parents to get me one by doing chores around the house. Reciting to them the rules I would follow for raising the Mogwai:

  1. Avoid bright light (Sun Light).
  2. Don't get them wet.
  3. Don't ever feed them after midnight.

I got a rabbit instead. The rules still held for Charlie though (my rabbit).

Please share and support this Idea and maybe it could become a real LEGO set!!

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