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Podcast Studio


Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of media on the internet today, and the Lego Podcast team there to give their viewers their thoughts and opinions to whatever takes their fancy. Using sliding rails and slots, users can swap out the walls to flip the set for new shows, be it a gaming podcast, covering the latest Lego news or reviewing the premiere of a blockbuster film. The floor is designed to support almost any seating arrangement and up to five hosts. Then, remove the walls and table and pop in the streaming couch to stream gaming sessions to the community, while the producer sits at the editing station to help make it all happen.

The set comes with four back walls, three sets of side walls, four front monitors, and five cast members. Also included are accessories such as bongos, a plate of cookies and a kebab, a tablet for reading the livestream chat, an extra microphone and seat, a whiteboard, a guitar, a dog, a couch, four controllers, a camera with a gameplay monitor and a jumbo belt for the winner. I believe this set will be a great one due to the popularity of podcasts as a media form and the set's functionality as a dynamic playset.

The set comes in at 2147 bricks.

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