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UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


2020 Starts With A Bang...

...a 10K Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to be exact!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you to all who have supported and shared Chitty with friends and family, getting us to the fantasmagorical 10,000 votes!

2019 was fantastic - we went from submission in Dec 2018, to 9100 votes in little over a year. January 2020 took us right over the 10K finish line. Next stop The Review!!

Best wishes and thanks to you all :-) Thank you!


PS ... if you would like to support my Windmill Open Day, I would be very grateful. Here's the full link: Cheers!





8,000 Supporters Milestone

8,135 supporters and counting! A huge thanks to everyone who has voted and shared so far. Please share Chitty with your friends, family and colleagues - one more lap and we'll be able to see the finish line!


Remodelled Exhaust

I was recently tinkering with the exhaust system. Here's an alternative system with copper downpipes and a brass exhaust tip. 





A massive THANK YOU to everyone who's helped us hit 7K votes!

Share with friends, family and colleagues - and let's see how high Chitty can go!


6000! Tell your friends, let's keep going!


Halfway There!

I'd like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Chitty up to and beyond 5000 supporters!!

Here are the latest photos of my attempt to get Chitty off the ground - still a few pieces missing and a few wrong colours but I think she's looking pretty cool :)



Building Chitty - 15. The Wings (With Video)

The wings are made of special interlocking segments. When pulled out, each segment catches on the next and starts to pull that one out and so on.


Here is a link to a video of the wings in action:


Building Chitty - 14. The Bonnet (U.S. Hood!)


So more shiny bits arrived! This is the part I've been waiting for... making the whole of the bonnet CHROME... wooo!

It's quite a lot of chrome but I really think it's worth it!


Building Chitty - 13. Test Assembly

We're at a point now where the main parts of the build can come together and we get a good idea of what the finished car will look like (hopefully like the rendered images!).


Building Chitty - 12. The Wheel Arches (U.S. Fenders)

This was a fun part of the build, as there are four parts to construct and each one is different. The two rears are similar but obviously mirror images of each other. The two fronts are different in that the driver's side (UK on the right!) has the fixings for the horn pipe, whereas the passenger side (UK left ;) has cut-outs to make way for the exhaust pipes coming out of the engine bay.

It's a simple connection using clips and bars, so each single component can be built on its own and then the whole thing plugged together at the end.

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