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LEGO Bowling Ball Game!


Want to have some fun with Lego? Then Bowling Ball is the thing for you. I have made this idea just for fun and because I love the creative things you can build with Lego. I hope you like this idea and here are some things about it.

Bowling Ball is an idea that I made up based on original bowling and includes:

1 bowling box,

1 bowling board,

2 bowling characters,

2 bowling balls (character bowling balls excluded),

1 bowling ramp,

1 gold pin and classic 40 pins.

The bowling board is based on an original bowling alley and comes with its own bowling ramp for games.

This board can be placed on the bowling box and taken off without having to pull anything apart. The board has square holes at the end of each alley, and when a ball or pin falls through this it rolls down smooth boards underneath and into small compartments at the bottom. The ball or pin is then ready for use again. I have included a bowling guy and bowling lady as unique characters along with a golden pin as a trophy for the winner of any games. There are differen't types of games which can be played alone or with a friend.

 Here are four games you can play with Bowling Ball.

1. Bowling. Just like ordinairy bowling where you bowl and try to knock over all the pins. You can have as many people as you like to play this.

2. Bowling Battles. Two players must try and knock over each others pins. The first player to do so wins. 1-2 players.

3. Target bowling. Player or players must try and knock over the golden pin, which is placed among other pins. Any amount of players can play this.

4. Free bowling. Each player is given a number of bowling balls and they each must try and knock over as many pins as possible using thier bowling balls. This can also be played alone.

Or you can pull the board apart and make up your own games, the choice is yours.

This would make such a great gift for any occasion and I'm sure people will love it. Kids especially are going to want this as a set, so I would be over grateful if you would support this project which I've spent a good deal of time working on. Thank you for anyone who supports and if you care then please share.

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