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Minecraft Lego Blocks


Thank you for your project submission

Congratulations on all of the supporters, and we must say, that's a very nice rendering of LEGO bricks with Minecraft skins!

Unfortunately, the project would not pass the LEGO Review should it reach 10,000 supporters. Printing Minecraft textures on physical LEGO bricks is not possible. It would be too expensive to produce and sell in sufficient quantity so you could have the play value you desire.

With the LEGO Minecraft Micro World set, we decided to create a model that celebrated Minecraft within the constraints of LEGO bricks as a medium. LEGO bricks have their own style, look, and feel in the physical world, just like Minecraft blocks have their own style in the virtual world. We hope you enjoy LEGO Minecraft Micro World and use the parts to create your own Minecraft landscapes!

This is a rare instance where we are going to remove a project because it is not possible to produce as a product.

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