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Medieval Observatory

Welcome to the Medieval Observatory! Here, the wisest scholars and astronomers come from all over the kingdom and beyond to study the wonders of the night sky and record their observations for the benefit of future scholars and astronomers. Funded and protected by the Crown, this observatory has already made many startling discoveries including finding new planets and learning that in fact, Earth revolves around the Sun! Whoa! 

This model features 3 subsections, including an entry hall, a main reading/archive room, and finally the observatory tower split into two levels. 

The entry hall includes a desk and coat rack to welcome visitors, while its roof contains a smaller telescope and removable deck. 

The main reading room features several bookshelves with records of everything learned from the observatory, a world globe, a scribe's desk, and a large clock. The roof of the main reading room is removable for access, and also contains a small storage cupola with a removable roof.

The main tower is split into two levels, with a ladder offering access to the upper level. The lower level features a model of the known solar system, as well as some more books and a bust of a previous astronomer. 

The upper level of the tower contains the large telescope, which can rotate 360 degrees and elevate to observe the night sky! The doors of the roof slide open when the telescope is needed. The entire rear wall of the tower opens for easy access. 

This model contains just under 2300 bricks as pictured, and includes 5 minifigures. This model is designed to fit with previous Castle themes, but is more unique and offers a different glimpse of the Castle world. 

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