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Avengers Helicarrier


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Avengers Helicarrier

LDD 4.3 + LDD to POVray converter1.2.11 + POV ray 3.7  
272 x 144 studs (217 x 115 cm) (85.4 x 45.3 inches)
22,694 bricks 

As soon as I first saw the “helicarrier” in Avengers, I was fascinated by its design and magnificence. Designing the helicarrier with Lego was quite challenging and it took me a while to complete the job. 

Based upon two dimensional pictures, I tried to measure the proportions of the helicarrier as accurate as I could. And then, I converted them with Stud to design the ship with Lego. By reviewing the still images and other pictures, I did my best to design the ship as similar as the one in the movie. As it was almost impossible to express the underside of the helicarrier with Lego, I modified it a little bit.

The total span of the ship was about 217 x 115 cm (= 85.4 x 45.3 inches) and a total of 22,694 bricks were used. The basic frame was made with Technic brick and Connector Peg. I used SNOT (Stud Not On Top) method to form the exterior of the ship with SNOT-outs and SNOT-ins. As it was done on LDD and SNOT method was used a little too much, a few modifications might be need for a real model. In addition, durability has to be strengthened. Lastly, as I did this job on LDD extended mode, I used many bricks with colors that were not available today.


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