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Sheriff's Office


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Over spring break, I went out West to Montana and one thing really stood out for me, the architecture.  I love the-western style buildings, which inspired me to build the most classic western building ever, the wild-west sheriff’s office.

The lower floor includes a fully furnished office with a table and cards, a lantern, a gun rack, and a holding cell with a bed.  The walkway outside features a rope to tie up horses and a bench for the town doctor to sit on.

The top floor is the sheriff’s apartment.  In his room are a bed, nightstand with lantern, table with comb, mirror, and a smaller table for his badge.

The base plate with the cacti is just for show.  Realistically, only a few cacti would be included along with the set.

Now, some concern may be expressed about the piece count being 2365.  That is understandable.  I can reduce the piece-count, but the model just won’t look as detailed.

Comments and suggestions are fantastic!  I’d love to hear what everyone has to say about the office, and constructive criticism is fine with me.

Also, share on social media and recommend to blogs and fanpages, we need as much attention as possible.  Hopefully we can get 10,000 supporters and be considered in the next review, thank you.

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