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The Lighthouse´s Cove


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Welcome to this paradisiacal cove where your minifigures will enjoy a lot.

Located next to an old lighthouse, a place where the activity is continuous,

you can have a bath, visit the natural stone arches, sit under the palm trees,

fishing, play ping-pong, jump from the trampoline, surfing, drive a jet bike

and repair it in the lighthouse workshop.


When the day falls you can make dinner, go up to prepare the lighthouse

and move it to guide the boats.Use the mobile walls to access the

basement of the lighthouse, access the natural cave, watch from the

lifeguard's chair, sit down to drink something on the porch of the

lighthouse and rest on your towel while you watch the children build a sandcastle.

Rest in the lighthouse room to enjoy more till next day.


This set includes the lighthouse, the jet bike and 9 minifigures:

-Lighthouse technician (latest incorporation)

-Bird watcher (ornithologist)

-Tourist woman

-Girl (kid)

-Life guard woman

-Surfer girl

-Tourist man


-Boy (kid)


I hope you like this idea, your support is fundamental.

Thank you very much and good luck in all your projects. ;)

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