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Here are 10 facades of local shops.

They are inspired by French businesses. 4 of the food trades (fishmonger, butcher, fruit and vegetable, bakery) and 6 of shops and services: florist, bank, post office, jewelry, pharmacy, hairdresser).

Several construction constraints have been set: they are all 12 long and 4 deep (except the jewels which are 16 long), all with a case or a stall inside. They have in common to have entrances with smooth plates. They are monobloc.

I let you appreciate the play of colors. Each has a merchant corresponding to his shop. These facades give life to lego road signs. In simplicity they give free rein to the imagination.

The Fishmonger: his stall is glazed to preserve the fish. At the back, it has enough to scale the fish: work surface, water jet, seal and broom

The Florist: as with all florists, the entrance is blocked by flowers. You can even find a shrub. At the back, the box with a few more items

The Hairdresser: a poster with models of hairdresser exposed on the storefront. At the back, the tray for shampoo, the seat in front of the mirror and the head warmer for the perm.

Primeur: Old-fashioned boutique. Slate to indicate prices above and below the stall. 

Post office: in yellow like the French post ,. Letter box and ticket machine. At the back, a window to slide the mail.

The Butcher: sausage and poultry on the stall. Behind, Boucher's work plan.

The Bank: ATM and safe at the front with video surveillance. At the rear, reverse window and alarms.

Bakery: all kinds of cakes. At the back, even more and checkout

Jewelery: Many exposed diamonds, even more at the back

Pharmacy: Medicine vials in the display case and on the back shelves

Each trader is identifiable ...

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