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Cool Runnings: Jamaica Bobsleigh Team

This creation pays homage to the movie "Cool Runnings" and also to the Jamaican bobsleigh team which participated in the XVth Olympic Winter Games in Calgary in 1988. This film tells the true story of Jamaican sprinters who represented for the first time their country at the Winter Olympics, it also traces their special training conditions in a country where it never snows, as well as the contrasting welcome they received in Calgary.

In 1993, I was 10 years old when the movie was released in cinemas and I remember going to see it with my parents while we were on vacation in Val Cenis in the French Alps. Since then, it has always been my favorite movie, I have seen it dozens of times. I even named my cat "Sanka" in reference to the character of Sanka Coffie, charismatic member of the bobsleigh team and former Push Car driver from Jamaica (local Jamaican sport consisting of hurtling down the slopes of the island in rudimentary karts).

At home, a good part of my decoration is made of LEGO models and I dream of being able to exhibit this creation on my library one day. I tried during my creation to respect as faithfully as possible the costumes, the colors, the sets of the movie. I also wanted to be faithful to reality and my model is also inspired by the official images of the XVth Olympic Winter Games in Calgary.

If, like me, you love this movie and this story, support my project, and you may one day be able to build and exhibit this LEGO model at home.

Many thanks to you!

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