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E.T. The Extra Terrestrial “E.T. Phone Home” Diorama


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You may be familiar with the iconic scene from E.T. The Extra Terrestial with Elliot and E.T. Flying through the sky with the moon in the background. E.T. Is one of the most iconic movies of all time!

have designed this on

We wanted to re-create this iconic scene in LEGO form and what better way to do this than in a diorama. We have created a diorama with the large moon in the background, as its seen in the movie, flying over the forest, grasses and bushes. Included in the build is 2 plaques, one with the E.T. Logo and the other with the quote “E.T. Phone Home”, which is what Elliot and Gertie say after E.T. says “E.T. Home Phone”, Elliot and E.T. Minifigures, Elliots bicycle and a brick built moon.

It would be amazing to see this achieve 10,000 supporters and be proudly displayed in peoples collection.

We wanted to give Elliot a hood, like in the movie, however the piece required is not available on at present.

UPDATE: We have now built our ET project in real life, we have had fun and added in different foliage and built it with a dark blue back ground. Can you imagine this in your display? 🤩

Please support and share, thank you.

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