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Disneyland Casey Jr.


“Casey Junior’s comin’ down the track . . ."

Oh, hi!  Meet Casey Junior, a very classic Disney character from 1941’s Dumbo.

This model is based on his Disneyland-attraction rendition with more intricate designs and vibrant color schemes than the film’s original version.  Complete with all seven (7) rail cars, “Casey’s here to thrill every Jack and Jill!”

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“All aboard!  Let’s go!”


Model Details:

  • Casey comes with his little coal hopper just behind him as always.  In the parks, this serves as the conductor’s seat.  Includes a working door and seats one (1) Lego Minifigure.


  • The two (2) pink and blue Passenger Cars seat two (2) Lego Minifigures each.


  • The two (2) Cage Cars feature working doors and seat four (4) Lego Minifigures each.


  • The Caboose seats two (2) Lego Minifigures.


  • Created with Lego Digital Designer.

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