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The Dreaming Sunlight Hut


Welcome to the Sunshine Hut, let's grab a cup of tea and enjoy a peaceful afternoon!

This build is good for display and make your home vivid, at a proper size and decent displays. A lot of details in this hut, you can also make your own paintings and furnatures for it to make your own dreaming sunlight hut. It is playful, the wall and siding windows can open aside giving more insight, the ceiling fun can spin by the tooth gear on the roof. Greens grow in the small garden just outside your window. You can even find chihuahua under the sink, bird nesting under the roof, frog in the bush and rooster on the high celling. Small and delicated.

I would imagine this hut belongs to a retired sailor or captain, because the hut desplays memories of the sea,  the glory of past. He is right now living a retired life happily with his wife, who paint this hut in her favorate color pink and yellow. They are traditional people who like decent furnitures and decoration.

I hope you enjoy my submit and thank you for your supports.

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