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Lego Batman: Scarecrow's Fear-gas Fest

This is my new set Scarecrow's Fear-gas Fest. It is for anyone who wants a new set with Scarecrow. Like me. And as you can see it is basically a giant pumkin. It is supposed to be Scarecrow's headquarters. It would also come with the Whirly-Bat from Lego Batman 2 and Robin's Helicopter also from Lego Batman 2. It is a very cool set. Some details about it are
1.This set would come with black and gray-suited Batman and the new or old/original Scarecrow and Robin
2.It would be priced around $20.00
3. And it has 168 pieces counting the set, Batman, Batman's mask, Batman's cape, Scarecrow, and Scarecrow's hat.
Also a new thing I have added (not in pics) is the Whirly Bat vehicle from Lego Bataman 2. All the pieces needed to make this were not on LDD (Lego Digital Designer). And if you don'tknow what the Whirly Bat looks kike, it is pretty much just a chair with helicopter blades on the topl
That is the summary of my set. Hope you liked it. Please support and comment. Thanks!

In this section you can see the top comes off. It is supposed to be Scarecrow's hovercraft that sprays fear gas. The thing the fear gas is supposed to come out of is the brown disk thing. And Scarecrow just piolots it from the back.

Here is the hovercraft up close. ^

Here is the inside. In it is a table with 2 computers a cauldron and aon the opposite side of the cauldron, a rat.

This is just the back

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