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Retro Gas Station


Hi everyone,

I present to you all my latest Lego Ideas project which I have spent a lot of time refining. I have created a Retro Gas Station which features a gas pump, a mechanic's garage and a service station with some friendly minifigures to greet customers and offer them tasty snacks, coffee and magazines.

Here is a short video showing some features of my build as well as a more in-depth look at the gas station build.


This product idea comes with 6 minifigures, a dog, a garage with a car and some repair equiptment, and a room with a counter in which the gas station owners charge customers for using their gas pump and for refreshments such as coffee and snacks. Also inside is a magazine stand, a gumball machine and a small kitchen for preparing coffee and snacks such as burgers, donuts and pies. Next to the gas station are some rubbish bins and oil canisters in which the janitor takes care of.

I hope you enjoy my product idea and consider supporting it if you would love it to become a set.

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