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I always asked where to put my collection of minifigs.
I tried everything but nothing satisfied me.
looking at the various projects on the network and on cuusoo I asked myself, "why the exhibitor must be the most beautiful in my collection?".
also, "because I have to enclose the minifig inside a box where I will never see it in the right way?".
viewed all projects are beautiful and well made but none from the right importance to what they have to show.
so I imagined a line of displays for minifigs who really give importance to what I have to show, however, resulting in beautiful and elegant to show off.
the really nice thing is that the minifig can be viewed from angles slightly raised and not watching them perfectly perpendicular.
The kit is modular and may be made envelopes containing one of the two modules or propose boxes with a basic kit of six linear and two angular (2 kits for each collection).
I point out that by removing the internal columns can become a display of dioramas.
Finally, precise coupling two exhibitors from the inside we have an island view to be taken on a table and see it from all angles.
I took in the economic side, trying to limit the expenditure of each module within the 4/5 euros.
I hope this project proves interesting and to your liking, as it has been for me.
a last treat, with a little modification, it can be illuminated with the LED power fuction.
Greetings to all fans LEGO

rear view

angolar module

linear module

other possible solutions

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