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This Lego model is based on the famous house from the Disney/Pixar movie Up (2009). This model includes Carl, Russel, Kevin(the bird) and a dog. The house has some detailed features inside of the house, such as Carl and Ellie's chairs and the money jar that they kept for Paradise falls. 

I made this model, as I was a big fan of the movie up, and I believe that it was one of the best films that Disney ever released. 

I enjoyed making this model, especially the bird, Kevin. The most challenging parts to create this lego set was the torso and face prints for the minifigures and the roof of the house. I have made a bunch of balloons extruding from the chimney, but there are not many of them, as it would be too heavy and expensive to have the same amount of balloons as shown in the movie. I hope that you enjoy this model as much as I did creating it.

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