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Lego Rock Club

I often go to concerts, but now every concert has been postponed. I played a lot with lego as a kid. Now again. I thought I was building a concert venue from lego. I’ve seen stages, smaller venues built from lego, but I haven’t seen one like I had imagined. I started building and the ideas came in line during construction. My last idea was the foosball table. On site there is a ticket office, pub, merch, cloakroom, toilet, backstage, backstage toilet, office, security base and reception with camera, ramps, stage, mixing consoles, light mixing console, upstairs seating bins, fire extinguishers, drum equipment, musical instruments, microphones, control speakers, amplifiers, emergency exits, table football, benches, beverage refrigerators, washbasin taps, ATM, bicycle parking, bicycles. Four modular elements: backstage, first floor with seating and mixer, stage back wall, office street wall.


-office worker
-lighting technician
-sound engineer
-changing room staff
-merch vendor
-three security people
-ticket seller

the band:

-singer with saxophone
-loader man

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