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Minifig Factory


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In the not so distant future.... Minifigs are capable to manufacture more of themselves... The human race become obsolete when it comes to producing more minifigures...

In this two story open building you find many fine details that makes a minifig factory a great addition to your city.

With 2297 pieces it comes with all kind of craziness. First of all, the garden on top, where minifigs can have a break from work, and have fun in their own pet zoo with chickens and rabbits. You will also find metal detector gate, lockers to change, molding machine, assembly station, all kind of parts that makes a great minifig.

In the factory you will find four minifigs currently.
  • The Guard: this guy makes sure the factory is secure
  • The Boss Lady: she is always worried, running around with her book
  • The Mechanic Dude: who makes the heavy lifting. Sometimes literally.
  • The Housekeeper Girl: After all someone needs to keep things in order. The rest of the crew only making a big mess around the factory.

It fits on a 32x32 baseplate with it's 23 studs height.

Yes, a lot of pieces are not available in that color.

Did you catch all the Easter eggs (not literally), like the employee of the month sign?

Thanks for checking out my idea!

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