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Port City

Life by the sea has its very special cham and flair. A great attitude to life. With this Lego set I wanted to capture this special flair.

The set is a mixture of play and display set. I would like to show life in the city by the sea with a little harbor and many featrues. The buildings are colorful and cheerful. In each building you will find different ways to reenact life by the sea. There are also a small beach, a pier for ships and boats. Plus a bott to play and lots of Lego minifigures.

The red building:

A modern hotel is located in the renovated red building. The reception is simple and modern. There is a standard romm with a guest on the first floor. On the second fllor is the suite with a whirlpool and a balcony with a great view over the harbor.

The yellow building:

In the middle building you will find a staircase. On the roof is a nice shaded veranda with a deck chair.

The blue building:

Many tourists visit the great souvenir and bookshop. The nice seller offers the best things from the region. On the first floor is a small apartment with a great view. The older lady is happy about her son's visit and is cooking something good to eat. There is an art dealer's office on the second floor. A customer looks at the great pictures.

There is much more to be found:

The port has a long pier with a small lighthouse. There is a small boat anchored for a visit. Large ships can stop on the other side of the pier. A statue was dedicated to the great explorer of the city. Many tourists like to take pictures of it. What nobody knows, the lost treasure of the discoverer is under the monument. The beach is in front of the hotel and is very busy every day. The deck chair invites to relax on the beach.


I built the set modulary. You can take off each floor to play. So that playfun is possible and available anywhere on the set. the set consists of 2308 Lego bricks. Built on standard panels with normal Lego bricks. The boat is also fully playable. My role models are the Lego buildings and their constructions techniques. In the pictures you can see the structure.

You can replay a lot with the set. But in my opinion it also looks good in a frame as a display set. Thanks to the boat, the many rooms and the beach, you can play and have a lot of fun with the set. I hope you like my new idea and I get a lot of support and as always great and nice feedback.

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