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Blithe Spirit: Elvira's House

Based on the Noël Coward play, "Blithe Spirit: Elvira's House" captures the main location of the production. With this specific incarnation of the set being more closely tied to a production that I have seen the creation of.

The set features 6 Minifigures, those being:
  • Doctor Bradman, A friend of the Condomines
  • Charles Condomine, An English novelist, married to Ruth, and the Ex-Husband of Elvira
  • Ruth Condomine, The wife of Charles, she is also a bit jealous of Charles' relationship with Elvira
  • Mrs. Bradman, Doctor Bradman's Wife
  • Madame Arcati, The Spiritualist
  • Elvira, The ex of Charles Condomine, who came back with a vengeance as a ghost.

The build of the set features a few select details from the real-life set. Those including but not limited to:
  • An upper level, with staircase & banister
  • A "Séance table", to summon in the ghost of Elvira
  • Drawers with a lamp on top, and a 1x2 yellow tile inside the top drawer which is supposed to represent a script of the production
  • Multiple spots for seating, and displaying minifigures

I made this set in tribute of a production of the play that I've closely seen the development of, and for the people in it. Some of which being close personal friends of mine.

I believe that this could make a good set for lovers of theater, and the more "supernatural" or "paranormal". It could also be good one for people to have after they've done a production of Blithe Spirit, as a little "memento" from their time in the play.

I do sincerely hope that this can get to the 10K requirement, and I'd like to think it has a fair shot.

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