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Sailboat: The Sloop Galilee

     This sailboat, a sloop by the name of Galilee, is ready to sail anywhere from a work desk to the Indian Ocean!
     Based upon a 28-foot pleasure craft, it features real Lego sails and rigging, navigation lights, registration numbers, an opening hatch, an adjustable boom, and a spinning helm. It also has four portholes, a small window on the deck, and an opening window on the hatch. The Galilee has a quickly detaching top for easy access to the detailed cabin, which includes a bed, stove, sink, dining table, and overhead "lights." 

     I believe this would make a great Lego set because this sailboat adds fun and adventure to any setting, as well as giving Lego fans great detail in a minifigure-scale build.

     Thank you very much for viewing my build; I would greatly appreciated your support!


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