Product Idea

Minecraft Multiplayer


​About the project:

Currently lego has no minecraft minigames or multiplayer sets with new interesting minifigure skins (skins=custom minecraft characters)-with your support this actually can be done.

Are you ready to explore new minecraft worlds and minigames?-All right ,let`s start!


The Bedwars map includes two minifigures: a Batman and a zombie skin.Also there are some extra bricks included to protect your bed.


Another interesting minigame with two sky islands,two chests and two minifigures:Captainsparklez and another minifigure you can choose in the comments!

Survival Games:

Perhaps  the best-known minecraft minigame-The sg map includes:The spawn point with a big tree and a cave.Also included four chests and five minifigures, incurred of your suggestions.

In this project 3 different gamemodes introduced ,among other things:

  • Minecraft Bedwars
  • Minecraft Skywars
  • Minecraft Survival Games


  • Captainsparklez 
  • Batman
  • Steve
  • Zombie
  • And your minifigures