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Brick Built Hanna-Barbera Characters


Comic adventures with your favorite Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoons await. Totaling of 570 pieces, these uniquely, entertaining characters are great play and display items.

Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo Bear, introduced in 1958, were always looking to steal picnic baskets and evade trouble in Jellystone Park. Both bears have articulated arms and legs. Yogi has his signature hat, collar, and tie. Boo-Boo comes with his bow tie. Included with the duo is a picnic basket with some food accessories, and a cream pie.

Wally Gator was introduced in 1962 as an alligator trying to explore the world outside of the zoo. He has articulated arms, wrists, legs, and a poseable tail. His mouth can also open. He has his signature hat, collar, and cuff links.

Magilla Gorilla was introduced in 1964 as a gorilla who lives in the front window of Mr. Peebles pet store. Magilla has articulated arms and legs, and his mouth can open. Magilla comes with his bow tie, hat, suspenders, trousers, and shoes. Bananas for Magilla are included in Yogi’s picnic basket.

Squiddly Diddly was introduced in 1965 as an octopus always trying to escape his aquarium before realizing he liked it better in his exhibit. He has articulated limbs and his face changes expressions based on the orientation of the mouth tiles. He comes with his sailor hat.

Hong Kong Phooey was introduced in 1974 as a kung fu crime fighting dog. He has articulated arms and legs to help thwart the villains on his adventures. His mouth can open and his ears can be moved. He comes with his book, The Hong Kong Kung Fu Book of Tricks.

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