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CESSNA 185 Skywagon


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Manufactured between 1961 and 1985, the six-seater, powerful single engine Cessna 185 is an absolute classic. It is considered by many experts as the ultimate bush airplane, and a large part of the 4400 units produced are still in operation today.

And for maximum fun and adventure, I opted for the float-modded, amphibian version.


Flight controls
All main flight controls are available and actionable from the roof and sides of the fuselage:
  • wings flaps
  • wings ailerons
  • tail rudder (connected to cockpit pedals)
  • tail elevators (connected to cockpit stick)

Adaptable floats
The front wheels can be deployed for land operation, and tucked in for immersion. Water rudders at the back are orientable and retractable.

Accessible fuselage panels
The nose panels can be opened to reveal the two-cylinder engine block.
The rear trunk can be accessed from both sides to store gear and equipment.

Docking bridge section
Because you need to dock your Cessna once in a while...

Stowable accessories
First aid kit, camping backpack, canteen, flashlight, map, camping stove and last but not least, mandatory teddy bear.
All you need packed for an adventurous weekend in Northern Canadian Territories or in the cold Fjords of Scandinavia!


2248 Parts.
Total Weight : 1.7 kg (59.9 oz).

Airplane Length : 61.9 cm (24.4 in).
Airplane Width : 57.9 cm (22.8 in).
Airplane Height: 23.0 cm (9.1 in).

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