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Construction Trailer


This blue construction trailer is an essential part of any construction site. The model perfectly fits to set 60073 Service Truck City Demolition and it also looks great with set 10750 Road Repair Truck Juniors.

The set features a removable roof for easy access to the interior. Inside the trailer there are two clips to hold the included tools such as a shovel and a cowbar.

The model (as shown on the pictures) consists of approximately 180 parts, including

  • one minifigure
  • a blue left door 1x3x4 which eiter could be design 58381 (not available in blue, yet) or the older variant which has not been seen since 1973.
  • 4 shafts 3M in titan metallic (Design: 87994, Element: 6138245), seen in only two collectable minifigures so far.
  • 2 tiles 1x6 with red stripes (as seen in set 7592 Construct-a-Buzz), hopefully as a print and not with stickers.
  • 4 round tiles which should have "25" on it to show the maximum velocity of that trailer.
  • a number plate (tile 1x2)


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